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Title: Roks field mowing, 4/20/2020
Post by: Bob Blue on April 20, 2020, 04:48:39 PM
  Field looks great   Thanks to the person who did most of the runway and pits, looks good. I did all the North end and South end of the runway, parking area and out to the road There will be some dried up dead grass on the ends, but it will be chopped up after the next 2 cuts. The field looks good for the week end, will check it again early next week. Will bring the trailer up next meeting any will haul the steel cabinets out.

      Our financial situation is looking better for the 2020 year, we still need more members to help the to help build our bank account grow and do some improvement like fixing fence and white paint on the ends of the shelter house. Our May meeting will be May 14th.

Bob  Blue