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 Where it is all about Having Fun!

When you have a passion for something, you can’t help but to want to share it with others. We encourage anyone that has an interest in flying, whether you are a veteran flier or just someone that has never made the jump to come and visit us. Bring out a chair, meet many of the great members and watch whatever we have flying up in the air, and please, ask questions!

Being part of the RORKS RC club offers many advantages that are almost essential to getting started in this hobby. This hobby can be an extremely fun and exciting, and also at times disappointing and expensive one, especially starting out.  We will help get you in the air safely, and help teach you the skills to make this a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. For more information on getting started, check out the “Getting Started” page.

RORKS Calendar

The Next Meeting Will Be June 14 @ 7:00pm At The Field We Need Everyone To Attend

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